The Production Test Department is a division of the Engineering Department in which production test technicians conduct routine factory testing in accordance with established test procedures. The majority of electronic testing, whether ambient acceptability testing or environmental ESS testing, is automated.

One of the features RFCircuits prides itself is doing hydrostatic testing up to 1,000 psi for larger pieces of equipment such as underwater cables.

Maintaining strict control over first article/qualification testing with a vast array of in-house environmental and EMI testing facilities is essential to meeting customer deadlines. There are a variety of temperature chambers and vibration tables available for comprehensive product stress testing on production hardware.

Numerous automated and semi-automated evaluators have been developed by RFCircuits for numerous programs, and the engineering staff is familiar with the inevitable hardware/software tradeoffs inherent in the design process. Before use or acceptance, these special purpose test systems are typically fully documented per customer specifications and include a customer certification procedure.