The design engineering personnel, experience, and infrastructure of RFCircuits guarantee on-time delivery of high-quality products. Our engineers are able to support production programs such as product development and build-to-print due to our diverse product offering.

RFCircuits adheres to a defined and monitored process that ensures the final product and its documentation meet the requirements of the stakeholders. RFCircuits has adopted Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). The electronics division of RFCircuits adheres to CMMI and ISO 9000 procedures for the design process, which include project planning, project inventory and control, product integration, verification, and validation.

The configuration management system of RFCircuits is comprised of three fundamental components: product documentation, process documentation, and corporate documentation. Our system identifies customer-related product drawings, as well as internally generated documents and processes. This identification, along with change management, guarantees product quality.

Software and Tools

RFC continued commitment to excellence ensures our customers that we will invest and implement tools needed for project requirements. Our ability to develop and manufacture products among various technology types demonstrates RFC technical strength to advance with technological changes.