RFCircuits, Inc. contracts manufactures cable assemblies, wiring harnesses, distribution boxes, power supplies, and more. For over 30 years, our technology-based, quality-driven Small Business has provided cost-effective engineering and manufacturing solutions. We supply original equipment, spares, and replacement parts to the national electronic industry. We collaborate with agencies, prime contractors, commercial OEMs, and distributors.

In 1987, Philadelphia-based RFCircuits, Inc. began offering consulting and engineering services in radio frequency and microwave circuitry. High-frequency RF cables, build-to-print cable assemblies, wire harnesses, radio frequency monitors, microcontrollers, and other products followed. RFC offers a wide range of custom parts due to our expertise in power distribution boxes, control panels, circuit boards, and electro-mechanical assemblies.

RFC’s 5,000-square-foot facility in Southampton, PA, north of Philadelphia, is state-of-the-art. Our advanced engineering-degreed staff excels at reverse-engineering, First Articles on out-of-production parts, and painstaking solution development. We have many hard-to-find components, production and test equipment, and custom part fabrication capabilities.

We’re ready for the toughest technical applications with engineering, manufacturing, and training. RFC will always prioritize integrity in business and treat employees, customers, and suppliers fairly.


We aim to exceed customer expectations by delivering a flawless product on time at a competitive price.